How Benning Design can help

We partner with people and companies of all kinds to solve a wide range of problems and build an awesome online presence. Basically we help people do epic stuff online.

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We partner with your company to make your ideas come to life and bring that product to market:

  • Project Management
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Agile Iterations and Tools


We build easy-to-use solutions to help your company:

  • Remove headaches
  • Automate processes
  • Grow faster


With proper branding, design, and content, we help you cut through the noise to build and grow an audience.

Why Benning.Design?


With all the pre-built options and studios out there that can build software or design your site, how do you know if we’re the right fit for you? We believe there are some key points of our company that may make us the right fit for your project. If you agree with these points, let’s get in touch.

Interface First

We believe the interface is the application. No one really cares what makes it go. No one really cares that it is running on the latest and greatest version of NodeJS or that it has a relational or document based database backing it up. No, they care that it is serving a need in a prompt and elegant manner. So let’s focus there at the epicenter.

In House

We handle everything in house. Design, development, social engagement. No need to hire three different companies for one project, we have you covered. And for those rare instances when a task is outside our scope of expertise, we have relationships with other studios to help handle those needs.


We are selective with our clients, because to us, they are more than just clients; they’re partners. We only succeed when you succeed, so we’ve always got your best interests at heart. Let’s chat and build something awesome together!

What we love to do

We thrive on creating products from the ground up, starting with your idea and building it into something awesome. Here’s what we do best:

Design Consulting

Whether it’s an existing product that needs a fresh look, a site that just is not converting well, or something new, we can help you find the issue and design a proper solution that will help you meet your goals.

Application Development

Building beautiful, fast, user-friendly web applications is our bread and butter. We take your ideas and turn them into a real, working product that your users will love.

Website Development

We design and build clean, responsive websites that embody your story. Nothing should look like it was a free or cheap template, that’s not us and that’s not you. Your company is worth more than that.

Online Presence

We help you analyze your goals and construct a digital strategy to achieve them. We don’t consider ourselves marketers, but we rock at launching products and crafting content that people connect with. This enhances your online presence and builds your brand.

What we do NOT love to do

In truth, we’re not great at everything. But no worries, we know some amazing people to fill the role.

Online Advertising

We love to turn your amazing ideas into living, breathing products that knock your customers’ socks off. There are plenty of other agencies that specialize in advertising and search engine marketing that’ll give you a better bang for your buck. We’d be happy to point you in their direction.


When we take on a new project we consider it a partnership. Partnerships are built on trust. We trust that you know your business, and we need you to trust that we know ours. We love working with our clients and do our best to include them in every step of the project, but if you’re looking to micromanage then we’re not the studio for you.

Native Application Development

IOS and Android native apps, while we could do it we believe you would be better served elsewhere with some of our friends that specialize in these area. Cleverly designed web apps that perform well on all platforms are our forte, not native apps.


Let’s roll

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